Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"As you wish..." Helmet for

When we were first ask if we wanted to do this. I had already been following the progress about the helmets from various artist. In june I received a call and I said HECK YES!!!! When I received the bucket I had 2 weeks to convert it and put my spin on the helmet. My specialty is Stargate replicas. So I wanted the helmet to perfectly represent both stargate and star wars. Since I love both, I knew this would be easy. The main thing with this helmet I didn't want to convert the entire thing to stargate. I took the same elements kept them there, but put a stargate spin on that particular accent. My thought process for the whole helmet was what would the empire look like if Darth Vader or the emperor had become a host to a goa'uld symbiote.

So Pretty!


"mane" removed.

 After the mane was cut off I lined the outside of the helmet with ducktape. The reason for duck tape is for a texture for the bondo.

 The symbol of Apophis. The first Stargate element I added.

Added a strip of styrene to the top. 1/2 inch off the helmet. To add back a star wars element to the helmet. I then filled the underside of the styrene with bondo. And carved the edge.


Ribbed styrene added here to add back a starwars element, but still keeping with the stargate look

Adding a metal texture. To do this I took bondo and thinned it down with acetone. and stippled it onto the helmet using a cut down chip brush. Small batches

The Ears to be mounted on the helmet. Very reminiscent of the horus ears from the feature film. made from MDF and a resin puck.

Goa'uld lines. Believe it or not this is harder than you think. All of those lines are the same depth and intersect perfectly. Sorry this is a studio secret cant tell you. I promised.

 Adding cardstock to the visor. I added blue painters tape on top of this to mask off the visor.
After a light sanding. the helmet was air hosed off and red
oxide primer was laid down. This was done 2 times before wet sanding.
All of which makes the metal paint job perfect.

Copper base on. Big coke approves! Note the head symbol is still gold.

 The recessed area has smaller detail lines, so I thought I would add some metal blue in there. Stippled of course. Also the anchor for the ears was drilled.

Now the longest part of the build. Every line was hand detailed with green patina green. Then 6 layers were sponged on to the helmet. Black, taupe, and copper again.

 Being 1/4 Cherokee This somehow came naturally. The springs are the same springs I use on the ribbon device. And these pay homage to the strips that come down from the Horus helmet ears.

Close up before the ears were mounted and its photo shoot.

And the finished Project. 

I just want to say how fun it was to work on this project. It gives me great pride to do this. My Mom and Dad both were involved with the Make a Wish Foundation when I was a kid. And Now I am so glad to be apart of it also! Thank you 501st, and Make a Wish!