Friday, March 4, 2011

Crazy overload of projects!

Right now Im working on tons of projects. Iron-Man mark 6 suit the helmet is almost done. Then there is the Mind numbing amout of ZPMs. And on top of that the ZPM is about to go through a major overhaul. Im calling it ZPM 2.0 It will be more true to the sreen used unit.  Another props from Stargate: Atlantis is my A.R.G. aka Anti-replicator gun. Im about ready to send it off to the laser cutter to have the text and fine details cut in it then it is off to another mold!!!! yay! Another project is for the fan of Valves Half Life 2 it is Alyxs Vance gun from episodes 1 and 2. We will also probably see it in episode 3 too. . .

I plan on posting complete build stories when I complete a project, but I thought I would intermix for a while until my projects start coming to a finish. Yes and the projects that are on the bench will have to be finished before july, because my beautiful fiance and I will be moving to just outside Boston Mass. Yes we are so happy and excited!

I know people love to see pictures in propping blogs so I will post a few of my current projects! And then I will post complete builds soon!



  1. Hi there! Is it possible to order some of that great and cool ZPMs? Possibly ZPM 2.0? :)) I would really love to have one!

  2. How Can I Order One Please Email Me At ASAP

  3. id love to order one... can you please get in touch with me

  4. Already ZPM 2.0 slots are filling up. To keep me from overloading myself on work I can only take 15 more people on this order. If you want a working ZPM or a Nonworking ZPM All I require is a deposit of $100.00 & that gets you your place in line. The total cost of ZPMs are as follows: $250.00 for non-working ZPMs and $450.00 for the working rechargeable ZPMs. All you have to do today is make your deposit today! Email me at: $100.00 Holds your place in line for both versions. So Email me before the this order is closed.